NAC Arts Education Programme


TAC`s Arts Education Programme provides workshops, lecture-demonstration

and performances in schools and colleges in Singapore. The programme invites

well known local and overseas artistes and pedagogues in Chinese opera to

share their experiences with local students, with the aim of nurturing a young

audience as well as a potential practitioners for Chinese opera.


All programmes listed are approved by the National Arts Council (NAC).

Schools are able to apply for Tote Board funding up to 50 % subsidy. Visit

http://aep.nac.gov.sg for more information.



Learning Objectives


Huangmei Opera --Monkey King and the Iron Fan Princess AEP 12161

This programme aims to introduce the various elements of Chinese opera art forms such as songs, music, acrobatic movements, dance through an excerpt from the famous Chinese classic legend “Journey to the West”.

It teaches students the importance of differentiating between right and wrong indirectly from the plot of the performance.


Huangmei Opera --The Mouse Bride AEP 11941

To showcase Chinese opera through a story that allows easy

comprehension and which resonates with children.This excerpt is adapted from a Chinese folk tale about a mouse family who has the most perfect daughter seeking for a husband.The scripts are written in simple lines with exquisite melody and humorous gestures to aid better understanding.


Discovering the Beauty of Chinese Opera AEP 11956

This is a series of six sessions course aims to impart the aesthetic principle and basic knowledge of Chinese Opera.The session will discuss the fundamentals of Chinese opera as a form of the performing arts; students will be introduced to gestures, singing, reciting and movements with hands-on session.


Huangmei Opera --Ramayana AEP 11946

This programme aims to introduce students to Chinese opera through an innovative adaption of this Indian epic.


Huangmei Opera --

Nezha Creates Havoc at the Eastern Sea AEP 11945

Introduce students to Chinese opera through an exciting and dramatic story that is bound to appeal to students regardless of cultural background.


Borrowing Treasure from the Dragon King AEP 11936

Understand an adaption from the famous Ming dynasty novel “Journey to the West”, this opera promises to be fast paced and tantalizing.


Multiple Facets of Chinese Opera AEP 11961

To cultivate interest and promote appreciation of the Chinese opera art form among the young.Students will gain a better understanding of the elements that make up the traditional art form


Visit to the Traditional Arts Centre AEP 11960

 Aims to give participants an introduction to the various elements which make up Chinese opera.Students will be introduced on opera gestures, singing, reciting, acrobatic movements and opera costumes. The in house artistes will engage the students through Chinese opera songs and movement.


The Magic of Chinese Opera AEP 11964

Aims at teaching students how to appreciate Chinese opera and also to impart them with the theatrical movements and gestures skills.


The session is to introduce participants to the colourful world of myth and metaphor that is Chinese Opera.  Participants will learn the basic movements and gestures, the numerous characters and caricatures that are portrayed and the art of performing with props like the scarf and horse whip, On the whole this workshop aims at teaching the participants how to appreciate Chinese Opera. The format of the course will include lectures, tutorials and

hands on exposure. Audio visual aids will be used.

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