Cai Bi Xia – Artistic Director

2008 Winner of Cultural Medallion, Director of Traditional Arts Centre (Singapore). Cai Bi Xia received professional training in Fujian Nanjing Arts School under Beijing opera Master Liu Zao Yu at her young age. With the set of excellent results, she was admitted into Shantou Opera Institute thereby starting her arduous journey as a professional artiste, training in vocal, martialarts and all forms of performing skills. Since 1997, Cai Bi Xia has been actively involved in directing and coaching students in many schools of Singapore. She has a strong mission to promote traditional culture by perpetuating roles in the classical masterpieces and involving in active research. She has published two books about Chinese opera on 2003 and 2008 respectively. Cai Bi Xia also represents Singapore to speak at several overseas conferences as well as taken Chinese Opera to 16 countries in all continents, performing at International art festivals around the world. Currently, she has been attending directing course by the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts of Beijing for her further enrichment studies.

Guan Yang - Senior Arts Instructor

Guan Yang is from Anqing, Anhui Province, China. She is one of the city’s outstanding drama director. She has been fond of Huangmei opera since childhood and ventured into this art form at the age of 12. In 2000, she graduated from Anhui School

of Huangmei Opera. During her career on the stage, she has acted in numerous plays like Tian Xian Pei, Nu Fuma, Dream of the Red Chamber and others, and was very successful in portraying her characters. She has also assisted in directing numerous major Huangmei opera productions. She has won many national awards. After 20 years of practice and experience, Guan Yang has mastered Huangmei opera’s fundamental rhythm of singing, reciting, movements and calisthenics. In 2015, she joined the Singapore Traditional Arts Centre where she conducts classes and demonstrations to schools.


Rong Da Jun – Arts Instructor

Graduated from Shanghai Cultural and Arts School, majored in Peking Opera and Kun Opera. Mr Rong has been an instructor in the school after graduation.  Currently, he is a National Class Two Artist, member of the Shanghai Theatre Association, leading actor and instructor of Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe. Since 2012, he has accepted invitation from TAC to direct and coach students in many local schools. Mr Rong is a professional Wu Sheng and Wen Wu Laosheng role, His outstanding operatic work include Wu Song, The Eight Sledge, The Journey of Lin Chong andThe Crossroad Inn.

Guo Xuqian – Arts Instructor

Graduated from Henan Xuchang Cultural and Arts School, Since 2003, he has been actively involved in directing and coaching students in many local schools. Mr Guo is a professional Wushen and has performed in a lot of performances locally and has also taken part in many International Arts festivals, cultural Exchanges and performances around the world. He has

won the best actor award for Huangmei Opera “Painted Face” in the Texas International Arts Festival. His outstanding operatic work include various excerpts of Journey to the West, The Magic Lotus Lantern and Nezha.

Tan Kok Lye – Assistant Arts Instructor

He received tutelage under Lin Yun Yu and Zhu Shao Chen from Shantou Opera School of Guandong Province, China. Mr Tan is being engaged by TAC as the assistant instructor in year 2013. He is specialize in the Lao Sheng role, he demonstrated outstanding performance in Teochew Opera show like Guan Gong and Diao Chan, Butterfly Dream, The lawsuit against husband and Fire at Pavilion. Mr Tan has also taken part in many International Arts festivals, culturalExchanges and performances around the world. In 2006, he recorded the Singapore Chinese Local Opera Album – Teochew Opera Edition, which was very well received.